ENGLEFIELD is one of two brands of high quality bathroom wear manufactured by KOHLER Co.

Englefield Service Agent

Englefield is one of two brands of high quality bathroom wear manufactured by KOHLER Co.

Everyone is different, and Englefield realise this. They have tailored products to suit nearly every situation. You’ll always find something that suits you, your family and your lifestyle with Englefield. From the inspirational and innovative to the style that’s affordable, they have the bathroom of your dreams.

Sydney Englefield Repair and Installation

Hygrade Plumbing has been the leading service agent for Englefield for several years, servicing the entire Sydney area including the Blue Mountains, Campbelltown, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and Northern Beaches.

Hygrade Plumbing are pleased to announce, that not only will we be continuing our ongoing after sales service for the Englefield brand, but we are now offering a full installation service along with an ‘out of warranty’ repair service.

What This Means To You:

You now have the choice to have your new or existing Englefield product installed or repaired by the plumbers that not only the manufacturers use, but highly recommend.

No more expensive bills due to product unfamiliarity on behalf of the installing plumber.

Have a fully licensed plumber arrive at your home with all the appropriate spare parts.

If parts are required that we don't carry, that's no problem. We deal direct with the manufacturer, this means less time waiting on stock delivery, so your product will be up and running again in the shortest possible time.

So if you are fortunate enough to own an Englefield product, whether it is a new product that requires installation or one that is now out of warranty and may just need a few minor adjustments, you can contact us via our Book in a Job link above. Here on our website is a complete product catalogue to assist you in identifying your product. Just include this information on your job request, along with a brief description of your required repair or installation.

We will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your job in a convenient time for you.

Why deal with plumbers that don’t know your new or existing product? Use the plumbers the manufactures USE and RECOMMEND.

Why not ask your service technician about our free plumbing inspection, we will check your entire household plumbing for free and give you a full report on our findings.

Call us today or complete our job booking form now!